Principle of size and size of three-sided flip-over billboard

The design of the three-sided flipping billboard should be as simple as possible, so as to show originality, from the size of the size, adhere to the principle of small and fine to carry out. The design of the size of the three-sided flipping billboard is crucial. What principles should be respected?

1. Pre-design market research

Conduct market research and analysis before design, avoid losing the guiding direction of advertising design, formulate more perfect size of advertising design, at the same time, pay attention to marketing strategy from aspects of color, object, etc., once the advertisement is released, Will not only play a leading role, but also play a subtle role.

2, follow the principles of design aesthetics

The reasonable size of three-sided billboard, design, will properly follow the aesthetic principles of graphic design, in outdoor advertising graphics can attract more attention, graphic design dimensions in the three sides of the advertising board design is particularly important. Advertising graphics are very relevant graphics, product graphics is to be beautified, will bring the overall color.

3. The figure position is put in place.

The three-sided billboard designer should pay attention to the size but also to try to be concise, eye-catching, graphic placement is very important, this also caused a lot of consumers resonance, which will bring authenticity, dissemination, agitation and so on. Three-sided billboard design combined with size and graphic design to learn more advertising information.

Outdoor billboards must leave enough imagination for the audience to spread more information. If the image is too complicated, it will make people feel messy, and the simpler the picture is, The easier it is to master the three-sided billboard size design, it will also bring simplicity and effectiveness.