There are friends coming from afar, we are eager to treat each other - CCG2018 reports to the event

The green trees are thick and the summer is long, and the golden wind is cool and gathers Changan. Today, experts and scholars from overseas universities and research institutes in the field of geography and overseas special guests arrived in Xi'an, the ancient capital. Registration for registration at the conference was held at the Qujiang International Conference Center in Xi'an. With the assistance of more than 100 volunteers and conference teams at the scene, delegates registered to register and receive information. At 10 o'clock in the evening, there were more than 3,000 official representatives registered on the spot.

A number of invited speakers and experts and scholars have arrived at the venue. Academician Fu Bojie was surrounded by a warm little group after arriving at the hotel. Despite all the hard work, Academician Fu Bojie patiently accepted the interview of Xiaobian.

In the report, there are many young faces. A group of graduate students from Ningxia University just came to the train with their suitcases. They were excited to take pictures at the meeting. They are looking forward to learning from the academic circles, broadening their horizons and expanding their cutting-edge knowledge.

At the break of the venue, teachers and students from Liaocheng University went to the grand meeting. The teachers who had participated in many geographical conferences hoped to harvest new discoveries and new ideas in this exchange seminar.


Registration report to the scene


The guests at the meeting completed the registration of the conference with the help of volunteers.

Volunteers present to answer questions for the guests

"Have friends come from afar?"

The volunteers in the reception team found that geographers have such a feature. Do you think it is?


Passionate volunteer service


In order to do the reception work for this registration, the volunteers of the reception team arrive at each subway station and bus stop early, and the volunteers of the registration team come to the venue in advance to prepare and register the materials. The Tea Break Group actively prepared a variety of fancy snacks and teas. The venue team worked hard to arrange the venue and made every effort to provide a more comfortable environment for the participants. Despite the busy and hard day, all the volunteers and the leaders of the conference team always warmly and sincerely welcome every participant.

Hard working teachers

Reception group

Registration group

At the meeting center at 11:30 in the evening, all the teachers and the volunteers of the venue team will make final preparations for the conference in their own posts.

The teachers who are still busy at the scene

Neat venue

Quiet Qujiang, the style of learning is strong. All staff members hope to do their best to provide patience and thoughtful service to the conference, leaving a good memory for every participant.

Picture | Ning Yumeng Bai Shichun Zhang Morun

Text | Yu Haojun Qian Xu

Edit | Wu Ruomeng Xuan Xiaojing