Entering the new era and opening a new chapter in the development of geography - 2018 China Geograph

From August 29th to 30th, the 2018 China Geography Conference was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The conference was co-sponsored by the China Geography Society and Shaanxi Normal University. More than 4,000 geographers from home and abroad gathered in the ancient city to share new discoveries, exchange new ideas, and explore new issues around the development of Chinese geography in the new era. A new blueprint for the development of Chinese geography in the new era.

Opening Ceremony

On August 29th, the opening ceremony of the conference was held at Qujiang International Conference Center. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman of China Geography Society, Vice Chairman of International Geographical Union Fu Bojie, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Science and Technology Association, Executive Vice Chairman Sun Ke, Shaanxi Normal University The university president, You Xuqun, and nine Chinese and foreign academicians and many famous experts and scholars attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Dong Zhibao, chairman of the Shaanxi Geography Society and dean of the School of Geography Science and Tourism of Shaanxi Normal University.

President Dong Zhibao presided over

President Xu Xuqun first welcomed the arrival of experts and scholars on behalf of the school. He said that the Chinese Geographical Society, as a century-old academic organization, has been advancing the prosperity and development of geosciences and technology for a long time,

promoting the cultivation of geoscience talents and disseminating the voice of Chinese geoscience. He has made outstanding academic contributions. He hopes that experts and scholars from home and abroad will take this meeting as an opportunity to carry forward the academic spirit and inherit the geographical feelings, and contribute wisdom and strength to answer the needs of the times and solve the development problems.

President You Xuqun delivered a speech

Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Association of Science and Technology Sun Ke mentioned in his speech that this conference specially invited well-known experts and scholars to provide suggestions for local development in Shaanxi, which will provide new intellectual support for the coordinated development of geography, ecology, environment and regional development in Shaanxi, especially in Shaanxi. Policy

support. He said that the Shaanxi Association of Science and Technology will continue to provide a broad platform for the majority of cientific and technological workers and provide good services for the academicians of the academic circles.

Chairman Sun Ke delivered a speech

Fu Bojie, chairman of the Chinese Geography Society, believes that geography is a discipline that emphasizes spatial differences and temporal evolution. He emphasized that China's geography is currently in an important and good period of development opportunities. I hope that the scholars will focus on the future development of China's geography, how to expand the international influence of Chinese geography, and how to play the role of geography in the national economy. The role of decision-making support in construction, serious thinking, in-depth  exchanges, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of geography in China.

Chairman Fu Bojie delivered a speech

Michael Meadows, former Secretary-General of the International Geographical Union and academician of the Royal Society of South Africa, introduced the basic situation of the International Geographical Union and affirmed the achievements of the Chinese Geographical Society in the field of international geography research. He believes that the exchanges in the next two days will be fruitful and promising, and I hope that more Chinese geographers will be able to showcase the research results with Chinese characteristics to the world.

Academician Michael Meadows speaks

Invited report

In the special invitation report of the conference, the report of Academician Fu Bojie clarified the development direction of geography in the new era and put forward the actions and duties of Chinese geographers. The reports of Wu Zhiqiang, Sun Jiulin, and Zhou Chenghu, introduced the innovation of the theory and method of geography research driven by big data.

Academician Chen Fahu as the host of the morning guest report


Academician Fu Bojie


Academician Wu Zhiqiang

 Academician Sun Jiulin



The reports of Xia Jun, Shao Ming'an and Dr. Cui Peng elaborated on the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Loess Plateau and the “One Belt, One Road” ecological construction, green development and disaster management strategies. Professor Guan Meibao introduced new trends in the study of urban urban population behavior and urban sustainable development.


Academician Xia Jun


Academician Shao mingan


Academician Cui Peng


Professor Guan Meibao

Fang Xiaomin and Dong Zhibao gave a special introduction to the basic theoretical research progress of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau uplift and the planetary sandstorm science. Professor Liu Yansong discussed the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy from the perspective of rural geography engineering.


Fang Xiaomin Researcher


Professor Dong Zhibao


Academician Bai Lixing


Professor Liu Yansong

Live audience

According to Zhang Guoyou, deputy chairman of the Chinese Geography Society and executive secretary-general, the Chinese Geographical Society Academic Annual Meeting was renamed the China Geography Conference, aiming to increase the international exchange venue and enhance international influence; increase the connotation of serving the society, including The popular science report will be exchanged with popular science works, research travel research and practice results, and other scientific and technological consultation forums for government decision-making services. He believes that through the exchange platform of the China Geography Conference, it will promote the evelopment of China's geoscience innovation and play its due role in China's development, the “Belt and Road” construction and the construction of a

global human destiny community.

Zhang Guoyou, Vice Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Chinese Geography Society

It is reported that this conference is the largest and largest event in the history of the Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Geographical Society. The

conference set up 57 sub-meeting venues and 3 international exchange venues, covering all aspects of geography theory and methods and social practice, answering the major needs of national strategic geography practice, exploring ways to train geography talents, and reflecting the new era geography. The new connotation of science has guided the direction of the development of geography in China.

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