What can the “Belt and Road” bring to the development of China's convention and exhibition industry?

Is it the best time for China's exhibition economy to develop? Will the “Belt and Road” strategy provide opportunities for the convention and exhibition industry? Yesterday, the 11th China International Convention and Exhibition Cultural Festival, co-sponsored by the municipal government and China Exhibition and Exhibition Magazine, held a discussion on the theme of ''Belt and Road' and Exhibition Culture”, and discussed the scholars and experts. These frontier ideas and viewpoints also represent The current "wind vane" for the development of the exhibition industry.

Hainan Convention and Exhibition is expected to become the national leader


Cao Wenlian, director of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that the number and level of China's convention and exhibition industry is increasing, and the characteristics of diversification, internationalization, informationization, grouping, specialization, branding and marketization are coming. The more obvious. It is foreseeable that the “One Belt, One Road” strategy will provide the exhibition industry with an unprecedented opportunity for international development. At the same time, the development of China's exhibition industry will also promote the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

He pointed out that in May this year, the State Council issued a number of opinions to further promote the reform of enterprises, and clearly proposed a major strategy to cooperate with the implementation of the national “Belt and Road”, which also provided opportunities for Hainan. In recent years, Hainan's convention and exhibition industry has been increasing at a rate of 25% per year. Recently, the provincial government has identified the convention and exhibition industry as one of the 12 key industries in the province. With the development of international tourism island construction, Hainan Province's convention and exhibition industry is fully qualified to become the vanguard of China's exhibition industry.

Currently is the best period for the development of exhibition economy

Some people say that today's China exhibition has entered the cold winter season. In this regard, Wei Jianguo, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce and vice chairman of the China National Economic Exchange Center, directly denied. He believes that the current situation is the best period for China to develop the convention and exhibition economy.


In terms of hardware, China has the largest exhibition area, the most modern exhibition city, and the national convention and exhibition city adds up to half of the world exhibition city. In addition, the government is very supportive of the exhibition and provides preferential policies. To truly develop the exhibition industry, it is necessary to generate ideas and products. It is necessary for people who participate in an exhibition or conference to know the latest products, the latest production trends and technological innovations, and even know how to develop next. In this regard, Ma Yun did this. He developed the global e-commerce chamber of commerce through "Internet +", and Boao also did this, knowing Asia and the world through Boao. He emphasized that the exhibition must be a business card of a city or a country.

The exhibition industry should be combined with the "Internet +" online and offline

Hou Yunchun, president of the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, said that the “Belt and Road” is a direction for the development of the convention and exhibition industry. It is necessary to showcase the characteristics of the Chinese economy in terms of foreign exhibitions, and at the same time, it can also promote Chinese culture in the context of the local customs of the exhibition.


In addition, the development of the exhibition industry must be combined with the "Internet +" online and offline, to continue to innovate, the exhibition will combine the products and experience parts currently displayed. Zhou Jinglong, vice president of the Great Wall Association, proposed that the convention and exhibition industry is a traditional industry, but has the same characteristics as the Internet. Such industries are pursuing scale, globalization, and are also building platforms. Therefore, the exhibition industry must not only have the management of the platform, but also the data.

Developing the convention and exhibition industry requires groundbreaking thinking

Wu Jianmin, honorary chairman of the International Exhibition Bureau, has just returned from the Milan Expo. In an interview with reporters, he said: China's exhibition industry development also needs groundbreaking thinking. He pointed out that in order to develop the convention and exhibition industry, Haikou must recognize its own advantages and disadvantages, and must have innovative thinking, give full play to its own advantages, and take a different development direction. At present, it can introduce large-scale convention and exhibition enterprises at home and abroad to promote development. .

Second, we must improve the level of exhibition services and increase the training of international exhibition talents. He suggested that everyone should go out and take a look and absorb advanced experience, which is of great significance to innovative thinking. Song Guoliang, director of the Center for Finance and Investment Research at the University of International Business and Economics, pointed out that Hainan is currently supporting a number of leading exhibition companies to become bigger and stronger. In the context of the “Belt and Road”, Hainan must strive for innovation when it wants to win a place. It is necessary to promote the listing financing of some excellent exhibition enterprises through the government and promote the healthy development of the market-oriented development of the exhibition industry.