How can the exhibition industry and the Internet be deeply integrated in order to benefit all partie


"Internet + Exhibition": Traditional Exhibition Reconstruction

01. “Internet +” to realize information sharing

Limited by too many resources, too short time and complicated structure of participants during the exhibition, it is difficult to develop the exhibition resources in the traditional way, and the exploitation degree of the exhibition resources in the traditional exhibition mode is not high. The value of Internet is precisely reflected in the mining and analysis of users' online data by network technology.

With the rise of cloud computing and big data, the low cost and deep mining of information can be realized, so that the great value of information can be fully released. Relying on the Internet to connect the original isolated information, complete the exchange and sharing of information through big data, the Internet breaks the inherent information transmission channels, changes the rules of the industry game, and makes the operation of the industry transparent and efficient.

02, "Internet" promotes supply and demand matching

For traditional industries, online and off-line is a serious separation, information asymmetry has become a stubborn disease that is difficult to cross.

The closed information transmission channel of the traditional exhibition industry leads to the opaque information of the industry, the information exchange between exhibitors and organizers is difficult to carry out smoothly, and the supply and demand sides can not effectively screen and match. Under the thinking of Internet, the integration and cooperation between online and offline will form a market-oriented business model to provide accurate service for users, which will undoubtedly become a hot spot in the development of exhibition industry.

For the exhibition industry, the core of online and offline (O2O) mode is to transfer the physical exhibition information to the target population through the Internet, so that exhibitors and audience can master the exhibition information comprehensively, and then realize the effective comparison and screening. At the same time, it can "find" potential target customers through the Internet, introduce online customers into physical exhibition activities, collect and analyze customer demand data in the process, and provide value-added services in a targeted way.

03. the Internet reinvents multiple experiences

In the “Internet + Exhibition”, the information flow and the funds are sent on-line, and the commercial flow and the logistics are placed under the offline, the online and offline advantages are integrated to the maximum extent, and the multi-party experience is improved while the search cost and the transaction cost are reduced.

On the one hand, exhibitors can query historical transaction data, exhibitors' effects, service quality and other data through online information, so as to achieve the comparison and selection of exhibition groups, select strong and well-served exhibition participants, and promote the survival of the fittest in the exhibition market. Improving the overall supply level of the market; On the other hand, through the collection, analysis and integration of user network data, such as online time, search content, jump record, comment forwarding and so on, we can sum up user habits and personal preferences, and understand the characteristics of the target market in advance. Effectively stimulate the potential market demand and increase the proportion of target audience.

With the help of Internet resources, viewers can get a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the exhibition and exhibitors and their products, search for information, orientate to understand the required products, independently design tours, enhance the experience of exhibitors. Finally, big data analysis is beneficial to the construction of post-exhibition service system, easy to track customers and realize the intelligence of customer relationship management.

The “Internet + Exhibition” provides not only the addition of the services provided by the traditional exhibition and the resources on the line, but also the “intellectualization” value-added service.


Internet Exhibition: business Model Innovation

The traditional convention and exhibition is an activity held at a specific time and a certain place, and the Internet has the characteristics of no limitation of venue, no limit of number of people, no limit of time. The combination of the Internet and the exhibition industry extends from the primary traditional exhibition to the online, and the cross-border cooperation of electronic commerce develops to the mobile client and professional exhibition service platform, which is specially "customized" for the exhibition industry. And still in the continuous evolution of innovation.

01, online extension of traditional exhibitions

The extension of the traditional exhibition business to the line uses the online form to carry the exhibition into the virtual space of the network, to realize the real-time interaction between online and offline, to break through the limitation of exhibition venue and time, and to make both supply and demand establish one-to-one. One-to-many and many-to-many vertical contact, so that both sides faster, deeper, more detailed to enhance understanding, improve trade efficiency, increase trade opportunities.

At the same time, it provides more humanized value-added service content while protecting the experience of "seeing is believing" provided by the traditional physical exhibition. For example, before the exhibition, keep in touch with customers at all times, in the exhibition project publicity, exhibitors and group exhibitors business contacts, logistics service providers and demand side contact and agreement, exhibitors and related departments contact, Faster and easier dissemination and processing of data information; In the exhibition, the use of the Internet to collect audience data, statistics and analysis.

02. E-commerce cross-border cooperation

E-commerce can provide whole-process service such as online transaction and management, and has the functions of advertising, consulting and negotiation, online ordering, online payment, transaction management and the like.

E-commerce as an increasingly mature industry, through the extension of the exhibition industry to expand business channels. At present, some e-commerce websites have begun to try offline conference services, using their own resources of buyers and sellers, with the help of the on-site platform of the partners of mice and exhibition enterprises, to carry out meetings on specific topics, thus creating a new mode of industrial operation.

Mobile application platform

With the development of mobile interconnection, mobile APP mobile exhibition platform is used more and more widely. Mobile application platform for organizers, exhibitors, viewers to provide convenient and efficient information services. In the "Smart" exhibition venue, the mobile phone APP can be used to "navigate" to the desired booth and parking space, anytime, anywhere booking meals, hotels, travel services and logistics services. Through the mobile phone APP can query the exhibition hall introduction, the recent exhibition, the exhibitor information, exhibits, historical exhibition, hot spot content and so on information.

In addition, the mobile client can identify the movement track of the customer, record the customer's stay preference in the exhibition hall and draw out the map of the exhibition. Using these information, we can analyze the tour route and analyze the passenger flow.

Exhibition service platform

In the trend of "Internet exhibition", the national exhibition information platform, the local exhibition information platform and the exhibition information trading platform independently developed by enterprises are developing rapidly. In particular, the exhibition information trading platform, which is independently developed by enterprises, is oriented to market demand and is committed to solving the problems of asymmetric information, fragmented service and lack of guarantee in the industry.

The exhibition service platform collects the historical data extensively, carries on the exhibition contrast based on the historical data, facilitates the exhibitor to carry on the screening; According to the demand of exhibitors, we can integrate upstream and downstream service resources, access to third-party cooperative enterprises, and integrate exhibition materials printing, exhibits transportation, etiquette models, hotel air tickets and other services into the platform to help the exhibition and clothing companies to undertake business. For exhibition organizers, data management, ticket management, booth sales management, and Internet-based marketing promotion management can also be carried out through the specialized exhibition service platform.


"Internet Exhibition": the Development trend of Wisdom

The integration and development of the Internet and the exhibition industry will present the trend of "wisdom":

01. Intelligent exhibition facilities

The advance of "Internet exhibition" is based on the effective use of mobile interconnection technology, 3D virtual technology, modern image technology and instant communication technology. Therefore, the effective combination of "Internet" and exhibition should be ensured by intelligent facilities.

To promote the information construction of exhibition venues, to increase the research and development and application of intelligent exhibition facilities, to develop rationally, and to utilize mobile clients and intelligent platforms on mobile phones will serve as wisdom management and intelligent marketing. The exhibition of wisdom and the service of wisdom lay a good foundation.

With the improvement of the intelligent degree of hardware and software facilities, the on-line functions will be more fully developed, and the security of information transmission will be more fully guaranteed. Integrated buyer retrieval and analysis system, peer audience information release, customer relationship management, online matching trading services, field tracking, late data mining, intelligent equipment management and other functions will continue to improve.

02. Management and service intelligence

Whether it is the network extension of traditional convention and exhibition, the cross-border integration of e-commerce or the integration of online and offline through mobile clients and specialized exhibition service platform, the future management and service of convention and exhibition will be more intelligent. The humanization characteristic is to provide the service pertinently, to facilitate exhibitors and the audience to grasp the dynamic exhibition information in real time.

To achieve the exhibitors to the exhibition, the exhibition in progress of the entire process of monitoring the movement of the booth; real-time data on the number of visitors, scientific monitoring of the number of visitors, traffic, security; Make use of intelligent information technology to create on-site demonstration, touch experience, information exchange, online booking and other link exchange platforms and featured exhibitors, and view the exhibition program.

03. intelligent use of information

The characteristics of the Internet determine that the more information, the more traffic, the more potential business opportunities. Under the premise of protecting information security, the development of information resources is the premise of industrial upgrading. The key of Internet exhibition is not to strengthen the flow and transmission of information, but to enhance the ability of information processing by leaps and bounds. From the "Internet age" to the "big data era" where information is deeply mined, the future development will focus on comprehensive, intelligent, refined and friendly in-depth analysis of mass data. To push big data down to the ground, to form a data decision-making force, and to transport all kinds of relevant data reasonablyIn decision-making system, scientific decision-making based on data forms strong support for enterprise operation and strategy.